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Sarah Meyer

Project Manager

Originally from the Midwest, Sarah’s affinity for the ocean quickly made her fall in love with California, and she has lived in Los Angeles for several years. Although she initially had dreams of becoming an Architect, her first foray in this direction led her to discover that physics was not for her, so she instead pursued degrees in Fine Art and Fashion Design. Soon after, she began working in TV & film as a costumer. It was there she really zeroed in on creating a backstory and personality through clothing and design. Sarah also realized her knack for organization and logistics proved to be very useful, and this talent became the backbone for her future endeavors. Seeking the stability of a regular schedule, Sarah became a Receiving Manager for a leading apparel and home retailer, where her ability to multitask, organize and keep everything flowing became evident. Assisting in merchandising for 10 years reinforced her interest in interior design, so she again pivoted careers and now calls Sagrada Studio home as a Project Manager where she's able to unite her love for design and organization to oversee the smooth execution of every project.

Sarah spends her free time at the beach with her partner, frequenting cute coffee shops, spending time with family and daydreaming of places she’d love to visit.

Sarah Meyer
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