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Emily Thomsen

Design Assistant

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Emily moved to Los Angeles in 2020 upon graduation from Princeton University.

After starting her career in Los Angeles in real estate finance, she discovered her passion for interior design, yearning to create beautiful spaces instead of boring spreadsheets. She always loved interior design but it wasn’t until the pandemic that she realized she wanted to surround herself with design every day. Upon this realization, Emily enrolled and subsequently graduated from UCLA Extension’s Interior Design and Architecture Program. Prior to joining Sagrada Studio, Emily worked as a design and production assistant for a luxury furniture company while taking classes at night.

At Sagrada Studio, Emily continues to hone and develop her technical and conceptual design skills, and works closely with the team to bring each design concept to life by communicating design ideas to clients and contractors, sourcing for projects, and tracking project progress.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time with family, traveling with her husband Kevin, and participating in one of her favorite outdoor hobbies (soccer, golf, surfing, or skiing).

Emily Thomsen
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